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“As a regular runner / rower, I have been to see Becky with various injuries over the past few years, from lower back pain to wrists to knees, and she has always got to the root of the problem straight away.  Being a keen sportswoman, she understands the need to get back to training as quickly and safely as possible.  She uses a range of techniques to treat the problem straight away, including acupuncture, manipulation, ultrasound, posture correction, taping and prescribing exercises to do in between treatments.  For me, this has meant that all my injuries have been treated in less than 4 treatments, usually only one or two.  She is definitely the best sports physio I have found.”

Katherine Trehane, member of Norwich Rowing Club

“I’m a keen amateur cyclist, canoeist (running in the past) and I’ve been seeing Becky for treatment and advice for around 6 years now. The problems I’ve had have been brought on by a combination of doing things wrong –the wrong kit, overtraining, being out of alignment and good old fashioned wear and tear, which sadly comes with being 42. Becky has been fantastic, treating me very successfully, particularly with acupuncture. Also the stretches and conditioning exercises Becky has given have been really effective at sorting the problem out, limiting the amount of appointments I’ve needed and made me less prone to injury. One of the things I like about Becky is as an athlete herself, she can empathise with you. She knows that you just want to get back to doing the things you enjoy, and that’s what Becky has done for me. Still she’s very honest with you and she doesn’t want you to make your condition worse. I’m very grateful for what Becky has and still does for me and I would have no hesitation recommending her.”

Dean Grady, Product Manager, member of Velo Club Norwich and Norwich Canoe Club   

“Becky can deliver a wide range of treatments to suit any sports injury, as well as short and long term ailments that develop from general living. She will give a program for recovery but at the same time understands the need to maintain fitness or mobility levels. This is a physio that keeps you active whilst recovering. I am a Coach for GB Canoe/Kayak team and I send all my athletes for assessment to Becky when they develop any signs of injury or weakness in areas of their body”

Dyson Pendle, British Canoe Union World Class Programmes Coach and Eastern Region Coach of the Year 2012    

“Due to my job I am always getting aches and pains. Being self-employed it is very important for me to have as little time off work as possible. Without Becky I would have had much more time off. I value her regular check-ups and she always fits me in quickly when I need it most.”

Builder, age 50

“Through my involvement with runners, cyclists and triathletes I'm occasionally asked for recommendations on Physio’s.  Becky Schofield is always my first recommendation.  She has a thorough understanding of the operation of the human body and as an athlete herself understands the desire to achieve ones best and is empathetic to the athlete's desire to train despite injury.  She works to identify the root cause of any problems as well as addressing symptoms and will help you work towards your recovery and peak performance.”

Rob Lines, 8x Ironman Finisher and 2x Former Kayak Surf World Champion   

“I saw Becky after some nagging and debilitating back pain that stopped me from being able to work or exercise properly. She had the problem addressed from the first session onwards and I now understand how some of my lifestyle factors make the pain worse and how I can prevent it with better posture and by moving differently.”

Roger Margand, Solicitor

“I have used Becky for help & advice following sports injuries, I have found her to be professional and knowledgeable, her explanation of the injury is thorough and helps you to understand preventative measures in the future.”

Natalie Barker, Financial Adviser and member of Norwich Road Runners

“I am a GB Age Group triathlete. I have had recurring calf/achilles problems for the last couple of years, Becky's in depth knowledge and understanding of sporting injuries has meant that she was able to identify the cause of my injury. Becky also referred me to a Podiatrist who was able to compliment her treatment with custom made innersoles to help rectify biomechanical problems. Becky is qualified in acupuncture, which has really benefited the treatment of my injury. Becky has given me clear instructions on rehabilitation/strengthening exercises together with a running programme to gradually bring me back to full training. I am very pleased with the treatment I have received and would highly recommend Becky to anyone.”

Iain Robertson, 4th World AG Duathlon Championships and International Triathlete

“I’ve always been impressed by Becky’s thoroughness and depth of knowledge. She has a very professional approach and her own sporting background and interest in triathlon means that she understands the demands and pressures of competing in sport”

Kate Scotter, GB World Age Group Triathlete and Journalist

“You certainly feel like you’re in safe hands with Becky. She is an incredibly thorough and professional physiotherapist with a genuine understanding of sports injuries and aches and pains. I have been so pleased that Becky has been able to treat me for an injury that I’d be struggling with for 18 months. Becky has helped me enormously!”

Erica Howe, member of Velo Club Norwich

 “I was referred to Becky following a car accident, her treatment of my neck injury was excellent, giving exercises for me to complete at home which I believe certainly strengthened the muscles and aided a quicker recovery.”

Richard Barker, Financial Adviser

“After a very serious knee injury I couldn’t have managed the long recovery process without Becky’s continuous positive, empathetic and motivational attitude and treatment. Thank you very, very much.”

Shirley, 65 Retired

“As an elite veteran oarsman who trains 3-5 times a week all the year round, Becky plays a major role keeping me fit.  She is extremely good at providing treatment and the necessary plan of action to keep me healthy. As a sports woman she understands the relevant stress levels and provides excellent advice. Our target this year is to medal in the Masters National Championships, Henley Regatta and the Masters World Championships in Italy. I can get into the boat and provide the necessary skills, it will be up to her to keep me healthy. I am sure she will!”

David Ashcroft, Marketing Consultant

“After numerous unresolved conditions which caused a loss of performance and self-esteem, I approached Becky for possible help with my continuing issues. I had been to other physiotherapists’ in the past but felt that I hadn’t progressed with overcoming my continuing onset of problems. On first meeting Becky, she made me feel comfortable with her very friendly and open attitude. With a series of excellent diagnostic strategies, I could finally see a resolution to my aches & pains, and with her positive attitude and motivation she stemmed belief in myself that I could confidently perform at the standard I once was. The treatment plan she set up for me really had significant results and I could see the improvements immediately.”

Tony Robinson, GB Age group triathlete

“I went to see Becky because of her reputation, and recommendations I had received. She was eager to help me and gave me ways to build up the muscles and heal the injuries to enable me to continue with my training as soon as possible.”

Stacey Terry, British Canoe Union Athlete U18

“I saw Becky after a history of chronic pain. I felt in safe hands with her, she is so patient and you know you will get 100% effort. Becky uses ‘hands on’ on treatment, strategies for self- management and she even taught my partner physio techniques I needed on a daily basis so I could achieve the best recovery possible.”

Brian, 47

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